A push to place an anti-transgender initiative on the November ballot in Montana has failed.

Titled I-183, the initiative sought to prohibit transgender people from using the bathroom and locker room of their choice.

Activists working on I-183 have confirmed that they failed to gather the roughly 26,000 signatures needed to put the initiative to a popular vote in the fall.

Masen Davis, CEO of Freedom for All Americans, called the initiative “dangerous.”

“LGBTQ advocates are winning, which is why anti-LGBTQ activists are rushing to the ballot box in a desperate race against time to attempt to roll back existing protections and exploit voters’ lack of familiarity with transgender people in order to codify discrimination into state law,” Davis said in a statement. “But we know that when we introduce transgender people to their neighbors and illustrate why these nondiscrimination laws are so important, lawmakers and voters are moved to a place of treating people fairly. That’s why those who support treating LGBTQ people fairly are on the right side of history, and that’s why I’m confident that we’ll continue to make progress towards nondiscrimination protections for all LGBTQ Americans.”

A ballot initiative in Massachusetts seeks to overturn the state's transgender non-discrimination law. The question will be on the November ballot.

“The momentum in support of transgender rights is undeniable, but we can’t take anything for granted – we must do everything in our power to ensure Massachusetts makes history in November,” Davis said.