Israeli professional wrestling champion Nir Rotenberg, aka Rixon Raus, has come out gay.

Raus came out in an interview with WDC, which was translated from Hebrew into English by Yanir Deker at a Wider Bridge.

The current champion of the Israeli wrestling league, Raus said that he hoped his coming out will help young wrestlers.

“I understand the extent of the responsibility and the influence that my actions have now that I am a champion, and I knew that it was time to come out of the closet in public,” he said. “If I had a gay role model as a young wrestler, the fears I've had in the past would have been avoided.”

Raus, who is raising two children with his partner, added that he's planning to add to his family and get married.

“We live in the moment and enjoy the things we have, but in the long run we have plans that include getting married and having more children,” he said.