A bill that would protect clergy opposed to same-sex marriage from marrying gay and lesbian couples cleared the Ohio House on Wednesday with a 59-29 vote.

On Tuesday, House Bill 36, the “Ohio Pastor Protection Act,” suddenly cleared the House committee where it had languished since February.

State Rep. Nino Vitale's bill would ensure that clergy can't be forced into performing ceremonies they're opposed to based on their faith.

“Do we want Ohio to be a state that imposes something on pastors that is against their deeply held religious beliefs?” Vitale told The Columbus Dispatch.

“This is not a sword. This bill is intended to be a shield to protect everyone’s rights. Are we going to allow groups to sue each other and use the heavy hand of the courts?” he added.

The Rev. Tim Ahrens, the pastor at First Congregation Church, United Church of Christ in downtown Columbus, called the legislation unnecessary.

“There will be no lawsuit,” said Ahrens, a marriage equality supporter. “Someone who is gay will not go to a pastor who does not want to marry them. That's just crazy.”