Anti-LGBT activists held a rally Tuesday on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court to protest the court's ruling in Obergefell, the 2015 decision that struck down state constitutional amendments and laws that limited marriage to heterosexual couples.

According to Right Wing Watch, a “handful” of opponents gathered to protest the ruling on its third anniversary.

The event was organized by Americans For Truth About Homosexuality and hosted by the group's president, Peter LaBarbera.

“If Justice [Anthony] Kennedy, and Justice [Ruth] Ginsberg, and Justice [Stephen] Breyer and Justices [Sonia] Sotomayor and [Elena] Kagan are correct and domesticated sodomy is merely a form of, quote, love, worthy of the sacred life-giving institution of marriage, then God himself is a liar. And that cannot be,” LaBarbera told the crowd.

Demonstrators held signs which read “Repeal Obergefell” and “Homosexual 'marriage' will always be wrong.”

Several speakers encouraged government officials to ignore the ruling and illegally enforce laws banning same-sex marriage.

“It’s the duty of the governors, it’s the duty of county officials, because Congress is a weakling and is not going to defy SCOTUS. The county and state officials must defy them and not go along with their repugnant Supreme Court opinions,” activist Matt Tewhella said.

“It is time for clergy to stand up and disobey that law,” the Reverend Bill Cook said. “We are not bound by law. … We need to be willing to pay the price for doing what is right or we lose the nation.”

Also on Tuesday, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) launched a new campaign to protest Obergefell. NOM's & campaign has been compared to the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) very successful = campaign; it even borrows the same colors. Right Wing Watch described the & campaign as “shorthand for the idea of marriage being defined as 'one man & one woman.'”

“Three years ago, the US Supreme Court issued one of the most illegitimate, anti-constitutional decisions in history, imposing same-sex 'marriage' on the nation by a single vote in a 5-4 ruling,” NOM President Brian Brown wrote in an email to supporters. “Today we are taking a symbolic action to continue our opposition to this illegitimate decision by launching the & campaign.”

NOM's campaign calls on supporters to replace their Facebook and Twitter profile photos with its & logo to protest marriage equality.