Singer-songwriter-composer Rufus Wainwright talked about his successful marriage to Jörn Weisbrodt when asked about what he likes to do for fun.

Wainwright and Weisbrodt married in 2012. Together they are raising 7-year-old daughter Viva with her mother, Lorca Cohen, the daughter of the late singer Leonard Cohen.

When asked by The Guardian about sleep, Wainwright answered: “Sleeping well is why I’m able to tour as much as I do. Occasionally I get up in the night to jot down a lyric, or hum a melody into the phone to remember it. Every morning, I wake up, get my coffee and play the piano for an hour. I have a seven-year-old daughter, Viva, who spends a third of her time with me and my husband, Jörn Weisbrodt, and the rest with her mother, Lorca Cohen. My set getting-up time is 9.30am, but when I’m with Viva I get up at 7am. I’m rarely in bed before midnight.”

“I like sugar a lot; I can swig maple syrup from the bottle,” he said on the topic of food.

When asked about what he likes to do for fun, Wainwright mentioned his successful marriage.

“I like going to the opera and eating cake. My family has a house my grandfather built, north of Montreal in the Laurentian mountains, that we’re renovating together. And let’s just say I have a very successful marriage,” Wainwright said.