Will & Grace star Sean Hayes talked about coming out gay during a recent episode of Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter.

Hayes came out publicly in 2010, roughly four years after Will & Grace ended its original run on NBC.

In 2014, Hayes married Scott Icenogle, a composer.

Will & Grace returned to NBC last year to helm a new Must See TV lineup. NBC has renewed the sitcom for three seasons.

“I was in a different place when I was a young kid,” Hayes said. “Being gay, I was out but not out to the press, but I was out on the set, I was out to my friends, I was out to the world. But I didn't have the DNA or the ability to [a] spokesperson for an entire group of people. I wasn't trained to be that person. I didn't know how to do it. I couldn't find the thoughts to connect to give a positive message. And now I'm in a different place, and you realize, you know, silence equals death. This is true.”

The AIDS protest group ACT UP used the rallying cry “silence equals death” in the late 80s.

Hayes added that he would do “anything and everything” he could for the LGBT community.