A transgender woman says she will take legal action against the DC restaurant that forcibly removed her for trying to use the women's bathroom.

The incident happened on Friday at the Cuba Libre Restaurant and Rum Bar, The Hill reported.

Charlotte Clymer, a communications staffer for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), said in a series of tweets that she was attending a bachelorette party being held at the restaurant.

“I was told by the manager of @CubaLibreDC that I couldn't use the women's restroom, and after challenging his discrimination with D.C. law and responding to his threat of calling the police w/'please do so,' I was forcibly removed from the restaurant,” Clymer wrote.

“I explained the law to [a bouncer], and he continued his condescending plea for me to leave. He then grabbed my arm and pushed me out,” she added.

The restaurant issued an apology to Clymer on Twitter and promised to re-train its staff.

“Clearly our staff … treated you in an unacceptable manner,” the restaurant wrote.

Clymer was not moved by the apology, adding that she would begin pursuing legal action against the restaurant on Monday.

“I am wholly unconvinced that ‘training’ will address the shortcomings in the character of your manager,” Clymer wrote on Saturday. “His callousness and bigotry far exceeded a simple lack of understanding. He was intentional in his discrimination. This person did not act in good faith.”