Queer Eye's food and wine guy Antoni Porowski has said that his upcoming restaurant will combine nostalgia with healthy offerings.

Porowski announced last week that he'll open a “fast-casual” restaurant in New York City.

Speaking with Mic, Porowski said that the idea for an eatery “kind of organically came up.”

“I work out a lot and when you work out a lot, you kind of want to take care of your body,” Porowski said. “You don’t want to have mac and cheese right after a workout, so I do a lot of shakes and juices and green salads and things like that. So it kind of organically came up, the opportunity to open up a healthy, fast-casual type concept.”

He added that he was “sad” that diners have become increasingly rare.

“I really want to answer to that fact that diners don’t really exist anymore,” he said. “I love nostalgia. So for me, it’s a really sad thing, and I want to figure out how we can sort of keep that, but in a more health-conscious way: where you can eat something that’s decadent and nice and feels good, but that is still really good for you, where you don’t have any shame or regret afterwards – unless you eat too much of it.”

Queer Eye is not a cooking show,” he added. “It’s about the simplicity of planting the seed of teaching somebody a small little tidbit of information that they can hopefully relay into other facets of their culinary efforts. My [upcoming] cookbook is a personal story. It’s my own culinary memoir. And this restaurant is an offering to show people what my day-to-day when I’m in New York is like and the kind of foods I want to eat.”

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