The U.S. Department of Justice will host an LGBT Pride event on June 26.

According to the Washington Blade, the event will take place in the Great Hall of the Washington headquarters of the Justice Department.

DOJ Pride, as the event is known, started during the Clinton administration.

It is uncertain whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions will attend the event. He failed to make an appearance at last year's DOJ Pride.

As a Republican senator from Alabama, Sessions received low scores on the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Congressional Scorecard, a measure of a politician's support for LGBT rights. During the 111th, 113th and 114th Congresses, Sessions scored zero on the survey. He scored 15 during the 112th Congress.

Under his leadership at the Justice Department, the DOJ revoked Obama-era guidance on allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, filed a Supreme Court amicus brief in support of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, and has argued in federal court that Title VII protections do not cover anti-gay discrimination.

Transgender student Gavin Grimm was presented with an award at last year's DOJ Pride, which Sessions skipped.

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