During a recent television interview, out actress Holland Taylor gushed about her girlfriend Sarah Paulson.

The 43-year-old Paulson is best known for her work on the FX anthology series American Horror Story and American Crime Story. Taylor, 75, is best known for her portrayal of self-absorbed Evelyn Harper on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men.

The women started dating in 2015.

Appearing on Larry King Now, Taylor was asked by host Larry King to elaborate on previously describing Paulson as “the most wonderful thing” in her life.

“Well, it's easy to elaborate by saying imagine being in love at my time in my life with such [a] great artist, such a free, independent spirit, such a multi-faceted [actress],” Taylor replied.

“She's also so stylish. … But mainly just as a person. She's a real independent spirit.”

Taylor also discussed coming out publicly, saying that she was never in.

“I didn't really come out, because I simply wasn't hiding in the first place. It's a very awkward thing, particularly for my generation. It's very different if you're 24. But for my generation, regardless, it would be odd to talk about your sexual orientation, your sex life in public under any circumstances. So, it would be nothing that I would be automatically talking about. But nor was it anything I was lying about, either. I simply wasn't carrying a sign around,” Taylor said.

Later, during a round of “If You Only Knew,” when King asked, “Last time you were starstruck?” Taylor answered, “Every day by Sarah Paulson. Every day.”