Out British actor Rupert Everett said in a recent interview that he doesn't believe Oscar Wilde would have used Grindr, the dating app for gay and bisexual men.

Everett, who is best known for his roles in My Best Friend's Wedding and An Ideal Husband, wrote, directed and stars in the upcoming film The Happy Prince, which looks at the life of gay Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde.

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“Grindr's about sending a picture of your asshole,” Everett, 59, said. “Wilde enjoyed the romance of meeting somebody.”

“I think what he loved is people and discovering people.”

“Sex came to him quite late, really. … And I think he was timid about it at first. Then, when he met Alfred Douglas, and Alfred Douglas was a Grindr-ish person, he introduced Wilde to much more sex, possibly.”

“But, still, Wilde was very interested in people. He gave tons of boys and young men cigarette cases and stuff like that. It would intimate he made personal contact, I think, with people,” he added.

The Happy Prince opens in October.