Police in Portland, Oregon on Saturday broke up a standoff between preachers and revelers attending the city's annual Pride festival.

Portland's annual festival takes place at Tom McCall Waterfront Park directly following its annual parade.

@PDXAlerts, which sends tweets based on local police and fire dispatch calls, alerted followers to the incident.

“Portland – Police to Waterford Park – report of a group of protesters confronting people at the Pride Festival – somebody has sprayed mace,” the account tweeted.

In another message, @PDXAlerts wrote that a caller said that protesters were “macing everything.”

“Pride Festival Update – callers reporting they're hiding in a circle under a large pride flag – Arriving officers reporting a 'standoff' between preachers and the festival crowd,” a second tweet announced about an hour later.

Raw Story posted video from the scene from Samantha Wallschlaeger. In the video, police are seen escorting the protesters as a crowd waves goodbye.

“The cops made the church protesters leave Portland Pride,” Wallschlaeger tweeted.