Singer-songwriter Troye Sivan covers Billboard's first-ever Pride issue.

The 23-year-old Sivan drops his sophomore album Bloom on August 31. He also appears in the upcoming LGBT drama Boy, Erased, which arrives in theaters in September.

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In the issue, Sivan, who grew up in Perth, Australia, talked about having a relationship with an older man at the age of 17 and writing a song about it.

“I’m worried because I don’t want to ever come across that I’m condoning that or anything like it,” Sivan said. “But I felt, greater than all of those worries, a responsibility to tell that true story – of the curious gay kid who puts himself in some kind of shady situation to find a connection, like all of us crave.”

Billboard described Sivan as “the embodiment of an emerging mainstream culture.”

“I do feel a little bit like a guinea pig sometimes,” he said. “That the world or the press or whatever is sort of using me and a bunch of other young people right now as education points, [like] we’re teaching the world about all of these different things.”

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