The comments section of a YouTube Pride video is teeming with anti-LGBT comments.

The nearly 2-minute video, titled #ProudToCreate: Pride 2018, celebrates “LGBTQ voices that shape our world – past, present and future.”

Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, singer Janelle Monae, YouTube celebrity Tyler Oakley and singers Hayley Kiyoto and Mykki Blanco are featured in the video, as well as music by Big Freedia, DJ Snake and Diplo.

While the video has been viewed more than 1 million times since its release on Thursday, more than twice as many people disliked (116,000 as of Saturday) the video as liked (45,000) it.

“You shouldn't be proud of your sexuality,” one user wrote. “It's not an accomplishment.”

“Proud to create what? More AIDS?” another viewer wrote.

“You are proud to create, I am proud to be straight,” another user wrote.

Others wrote variations of it's okay to be “white,” “straight,” “homophobic” or “conservative.”

Other commenters chided YouTube for policies viewed as anti-LGBT, such as demonetizing LGBT creators and running anti-LGBT ads.

“If you want to elevate the queer community, maybe stop demonetizing their videos and/or advertising homophobic organizations on said videos? Practice what you preach,” one commenter wrote.