The owner of a restaurant in Florida has offered to apologize to a gay customer he called “disgusting.”

According to NBC affiliate WBBH, the incident occurred Sunday, May 3 at the Country Roads Cafe in Lehigh Acres. The restaurant is owned by Bill and Diane Harrell.

At least four people were sitting at a table when Bill Harrell walked up to them and began making jokes about a transgender customer.

“We just had the worst experience at Country Roads Cafe,” Melissa Bellows wrote on Facebook. “The owner approached our table and began making fun of a transgender at another table. He said, 'You know that's a boy dressed as a girl,' to which I replied, 'So.' He continued talking and said that, 'he has no time for gay people' while I'm sitting at the table with my gay daughter. My daughter mentioned that she was gay and he proceeded to tell her that she is disgusting. At this point, I lost my cool and began speaking loudly about the treatment we were receiving. I walked out yelling. I will never step foot in that place again.”

Bellows' daughter wrote about her experience on Yelp.

“Today I was at Country Roads Cafe in Lehigh enjoying lunch with my girlfriend and the OWNER of the place came up to me and told me he is a Christian and I am disgusting,” Taylor K. wrote. “I never have personally experienced discrimination for being gay before but today was really eye opening. The sad thing is I'm not even hurt by it. I'm just shocked at how ignorant people are today. How can you be an owner of a place and just treat your customers like that.”

The Harrells apologized for the incident on social media.

“My eyes were opened, and I learned a lot from the experience,” Bill Harrell wrote. “Come back in, and I will apologize in person.”

Diane Harrell told WBBH that her husband should be excused because of his age.

“I’m not saying that what he did or said was right, but you just gotta understand that the world is different than was back when he grew up as a child. Things were totally different back then," she said.

The Harrells recently sold their restaurant to new owners.