Queer Eye's interior designer Bobby Berk says his devout Christian family rejected him after he was outed to them.

Berk and the rest of the show's cast – Antoni Porowski (food), Tan France (fashion), Karamo Brown (culture) and Jonathan Van Ness (grooming) – shared their coming out stories in a recent video.

France, who was born in England to Pakistani parents and currently lives in Salt Lake City with his husband, Rob France, a self-described Mormon cowboy, said that he feared he would be disowned by his family.

“There's a lot of negativity towards being gay in the Middle-Eastern culture. It's not a lifestyle that is common,” France said in the video.

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Berk said that he decided to run away at 15. When he returned, his mother had learned her son was gay.

“I get back to my parents' house and I remember my mom just looking at me and she's like, 'I know and it disgusts me.' And I picked my bags up and walked right back out the door,” Berk said. Later in the video, Berk shared that his parents have since “broadened” their minds.

Van Ness said that growing up he was asked “17 times a day” whether he was gay.

“Every day was so full of slurs and verbal abuse,” Van Ness said. “My strength and my truth came from when I realized that the ones with the issue was not me.”

“You can be 7, you can be 30, you can be 60 years old. Just continue on the journey,” Brown advised people struggling to come out.

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