Police in upstate New York on Saturday arrested a woman who posted multiple threats against Buffalo's LGBT Pride parade.

According to NBC affiliate WGRZ, Rosalyn Colligan, 40, posted the threats on Facebook. She has been charged with making terroristic threats and faces up to seven years in prison.

Captain Jeff Rinaldo of the Buffalo Police Department said that Colligan's posts crossed the line.

“There is a very delicate balance between freedom of speech and speech that becomes threatening, harassing, alarming and annoying,” Rinaldo said. “She had a series of posts threatening to come to the Pride event at Canalside and murder people.”

“The posts were very explicit, and they had threatened to 'shoot the event up' as well as to bring a series of knives and commit heinous acts,” he added.

Rinaldo added that Colligan was not found to possess any knives or guns when confronted by police. But he stressed that the threats are enough to get people in trouble.

Buffalo LGBT Pride was held on Sunday.