Following a meeting with LGBT youth in London, out singer-songwriter Adam Lambert has praised young people who are LGBT.

Billed as “An Evening with Adam Lambert,” the event, held at the Mosaic LGBT Youth Center on Thursday, was attended by young people under 25.

In comments to the AP, Lambert said that he spoke about “all things queer, and the movement, and where we're at today, where we were about 10 years ago and my experience growing up.”

“The best part for me was getting to talk to them, ask questions, and hear their stories.”

“I learned a lot. Some smart kids in there. I feel, like, there's so much more awareness around these topics. There's more education. There's more conversation. And I think that that's evident in a room like this today. The people I spoke to were very, very wise and articulate for their age. And I think that that's sort of a taste of the future. That we are moving forward and we are growing and evolving and young people are learning. And they're learning earlier and they have more available to them. It's great,” he added.

Lambert is currently touring with Queen.

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