Denver police have arrested a man in connection with a homophobic attack on a gay couple.

According to 9 News, Christopher Huizar and Gabriel Roman were walking home from a nightclub in downtown Denver when a man yelling anti-gay slurs stabbed them around 1 a.m. on Sunday.

Huizar said on a Go Fund Me page that he and Roman were holding hands as they walked home.

“We were simply holding hands when a white male yells 'f*cken f****ts' and comes running up behind and stabbed me in the neck & my boyfriend got stabbed in his hand and his back” Huizar said. “We were just holding hands minding our business.”

The men ran away and called police. They said the man stabbed them with a folding pocket knife.

Denver Police spokesman Sergeant John White said that they had arrested Dylan Payne, 24, and charged him with assault.

Roman bled profusely from a hand wound.

“Just seeing him in my arms bleeding. I just didn't want him to die,” an emotional Huizar said.

Police said the couple's injuries were not life threatening.