Rick Wiles of Trunews has claimed the Antichrist will be Jewish and gay.

Wiles made the claim on his television broadcast.

“I personally believe that the Man of Perdition, the one that you call Antichrist, I personally believe he will be a homosexual Jew,” Wiles told his viewers.

Wiles added that the “homosexual agenda” and Zionism are “driven by the same spirit.”

“What is coming is a global entity that is going to be Zionism and homosexuality, and it’s going to be operated through artificial intelligence and it’s going to be policed through the most high-tech surveillance society that you can imagine. It will be a nightmare.”

“If you criticize homosexuality or Zionism, you’re going to be persecuted and they’re going to come after you.”

“Israel embraces homosexuality. They need to be told, ‘You’re a sinner, you’re going to go to Hell, you need to repent, you need to call upon the name of Jesus!’” Wiles added.

Wiles has a long history of homophobic rants, including claims that Target's transgender policy will spark a nuclear war and that extending marriage rights to gay men and lesbians will unleash horrifying consequences, including a possible “fireball from space.”