Out actor Jim Parsons has praised young people for their inclusiveness and openness to the LGBT community.

Appearing on AM New York to promote his latest film, A Kid Like Jake, Parsons said that he was “moved” to see young people protesting following the Parkland shooting.

“I was watching back in March, after the Florida school shooting, and it was just so moving to see a younger generation taking to the streets, on their feet, and speaking so eloquently and passionately,” Parsons said.

“As a 45-year-old gay man, who’s been able to be an out and working actor, I feel grateful for the time I grew up in, but I feel like there’s a level of inclusiveness and openness to all sorts of human beings that we’ve never seen as a society before.”

“You get that impression that you’re dealing with a whole generation that has grown up thinking it’s not okay to slander people for being gay and more recently, slander people for gender fluidity.”

“It’s a different world and it sounds like, quite possibly, a better world,” he added.

In A Kid Like Jake, Parsons plays a father to a son who starts to exhibit gender non-conforming behavior.

“The movie doesn't offer any answers or solutions, but what it does is make it okay to ask dumb questions, to fumble with something that you don't fully understand,” Parsons said.

A Kid Like Jake opens Friday, June 1.

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