British singer George Michael's exes are in a legal battle for a share of the late singer's fortune.

Michael, who was forced to come out gay in 1988 after he was arrested for lewd conduct in a Los Angeles men's room, was 53 when he died in his British home on Christmas Day, 2016. He sold over 100 million records over four decades. His fortune is estimated at $140 million, plus he owned several properties valued in the millions.

The late superstar left his estate to sisters Melanie and Yioda.

According to The Sun, Kenny Goss, 59, his former partner of 15 years, and Fadi Fawaz, 45, who discovered Michael's body, are challenging the will.

Goss, an American businessman, claims he helped Michael through hard times.

“George always told Kenny he would look after him, see him right and that he would not want for anything,” the tabloid quoted a friend as saying. “They were together for many years and Kenny looked after him so much. He doesn't feel the will reflects this.”

Fawaz, who was with Michael for five years, has told outlets that he's broke.