Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre, who plays closeted soap star Lito Rodriguez on Netflix's Sense8, has revealed that he's flattered if people think he's gay in real life.

The 36-year-old Silvestre made his comment in a cover interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude.

“I've never faced anybody asking me, but I don't care, they can ask me if they want – I don't hide anything about who I am,” Silvestre said.

“I should say that I honor the character and I feel proud of him, and I will do whatever it takes to play it. So, it is flattering if people think that I am gay, because I play [the role] with love and I don’t try to be shady when I’m playing it.”

“I felt comfortable when I was playing Lito. I felt comfortable with his emotions, with his desires,” he added.

Sense8 returns next month with a feature length film to end the series.

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Silvestre also plays Franklin Jurado in Netflix's crime drama Narcos.