Olympian and reality star Caitlyn Jenner said in a new profile that she's “disappointed” with President Donald Trump's views on LGBT rights.

The 68-year-old Jenner has faced criticism for supporting Trump in the 2016 election.

“I want him to know, politically I am disappointed, obviously,” Jenner told Broadly. “I don't want our community to go backward. Just leave us alone; that's all we want. Then maybe later down the line we can get somebody a little better.”

Jenner conceded that Trump “has been, for all LGBT issues, the worst president we have ever had,” adding that she could not support him for a second term.

When asked whether she would vote for a Democrat, Jenner answered: “I don't know who in the Democratic Party. I would look at it. I don't vote parties. I vote the person.”

After describing Vice President Mike Pence as “the real enemy,” Jenner said she could “handle” Pence.

“He did some really anti-LGBT community stuff. I know that. He's also very Christian. He's kinda like, from our standpoint, the real enemy. But that's okay. I can handle that,” Jenner said of Pence.

Jenner said that she told Pence she “pretty much votes[s] Republican. But I'm also trans. And I said, 'I would love to share that conversation with you.' And he looked me right in the eye and said, 'You know what, I would love to do that.'”

Jenner added that she hasn't given up on the idea of changing hearts and minds from inside the GOP, something she's spoken about since before the 2016 election.

“I think it’s good that I’m on the Republican side because the Republicans know that, and I have an immediate in with them to change their minds,” Jenner said. “The Republicans need the most work when it comes to our issues, I get that. I would rather work from the inside. I’m not the type of person who is going to stand on a street corner with a sign and jump up and down. No, I’m going to go have dinner with these people.”