Teen Vogue Chief Creative Officer and them founding editor Phillip Picardi says his dad slept through his coming out gay.

Speaking with Larry King, Picardi shared the memorable way he came out to his Catholic parents at age 14.

Picardi, who described himself as “not exactly a covert homosexual,” said that he decided to come out to his parents after watching an episode of Showtime's Queer as Folk.

“So, I was watching this show and I felt so emboldened, 'cause I saw these guys who were cool and they were hot and they were living these great lives on television,” he explained. “So, I ran up to my parents' bedroom in the middle of the night, it was like 2 in the morning, no lights are on in the bedroom, but I felt completely emboldened. I stood at the base of their bed and I was like, 'Mom and dad, I have something to tell you.'”

“And I said, 'Well, I'm gay.' And like this, the woman just begins sobbing hysterically, crying, asking me a million questions: What are we going to tell my grandmother? Am I going to have grandchildren? You know, the whole thing.”

“And then 10 minutes later, my dad rolled over and said, 'Wait, what happened?' He had slept through the entire coming out process. So, I had to come out all over again.”

When asked how his father took the news, Picardi said that their relationship had gone through “divots.”

Condé Nast launched its LGBT community platform them in October.