A Florida lawyer's personal anti-gay campaign includes a paid advertisement in a local paper.

George L. Metcalfe, an Orlando-area lawyer, purchased ad space in the July 15 edition of the Florida Bar News to denounce gay adoption.

Metcalfe's ad, titled What's So Gay About It?, condemns a legal challenge to Florida's 1977 prohibition that bans gays and lesbians from adopting. Late last year, a Miami-Dade circuit court judge allowed a gay man, Frank Gill, and his partner to legally adopt the 4- and 8-year-old half brothers they have raised since 2004.

In a letter published in the May 15 edition of The Florida Bar News, Metcalfe riles against the Florida Bar's decision to support Frank Gill in his attempt to adopt his sons. Metcalfe, a family law attorney, says: “Holding vulnerable foster children like human shields to support homosexual adult social-engineering agendas is reprehensible. The Florida Bar's Family Law Section and its amicus curiae (friend of court brief) filings seek to endanger fatherless children for its own political ends and nothing more.”

And in his ad, published a month later, he continues: “... appellate courts are being asked by activists to give a lone Miami judge more legislative power than the Governor and the entire Florida Legislature.”

“My friend, Dawn Stefanowicz, grew out from under the burdens of a homosexual household during the 1960's and the 70's in Toronto where she was exposed to many different people in GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) subcultures and explicit sexual practices.”

Metcalfe uses Stefanowicz's testimony against her gay father as an indictment against all gay parents.

Stefanowicz alleges her father was involved in “transient and promiscuous relationships,” exposed to various STDS, and ultimately succumbed to AIDS. And accuses her father of neglect and abandonment.

“My letter to The Florida Bar News published May 15, 2009, would have exceeded the editor's 350-word limit without extensive self-editing. Today, I buy more words to emphasize an adult child's perspective to homosexual parenting, a child's perspective of gay communities and to underscore the importance of preventing what would become a magnificently devastating problem for children,” Metcalfe adds.

Gill's adoption case is currently under appeal and is expected to reach the Florida Supreme Court. Florida is the only state that explicitly bans gay men and lesbians from adopting.

Story tipped to us from South Florida Lawyers blog.