Police in Tel Aviv are pursuing a lead in Saturday's attack on a gay club that left 2 gay people dead, Haaretz News reported.

According to the paper, a police source has confirmed the department is pursuing a lead in the manhunt to find the lone gunman that stormed the Tel Aviv Gay and Lesbian Association building. Wearing a black ski mask, the killer sprayed automatic fire in a basement room as a support group for gay teens assembled, killing two and wounding eleven, before escaping.

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“This tip has to be examined very carefully. We are still at an early stage in the investigation, and it's too soon to say if this supposition is going to materialize,” the source said.

Besides a homophobic hate crime, police say a personal feud theory is also under investigation, and criticized gay activists and politicians for calling the incident a hate crime.

“They were too quick with the rallies and the slogans,” Haaretz News quoted a senior Tel Aviv police source. “It's not at all clear – the motive for the attack may have been personal, rather than a general targeting of the community.”

The two victims of the attack – a 16-year-old girl and a 26-year-old counselor at the gay center – were laid to rest Sunday.