Three openly gay clergy have been nominated for bishop in the Episcopal Church just weeks after the church lifted its moratorium on gay clergy.

Two of the nominations came from California, while a third occurred in Minnesota.

The Diocese of Los Angeles included the Rev. John L. Kirkley of San Francisco and the Rev. Canon Mary Douglas Glasspool of Baltimore among 6 nominated for two assistant bishop posts, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Rev. Bonnie Perry of Chicago has been named one of the three nominees for Bishop of Minnesota, reported.

“As we all continue to discern God's call, I pray that we will bear witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ that changes people's lives and proclaims the profound inclusivity and hospitality of God,” Perry said in a statement.

Perry, pastor of All Saints Episcopal Church, is in a long-term lesbian relationship.

The Diocese of Los Angeles, which boasts 70,000 members and includes six counties, is headed by Bishop J. Jon Bruno, an outspoken advocate of the inclusion of gay men and lesbians in the church.

“I affirm each and every one of these candidates and am pleased at the wide diversity they offer this diocese,” Bruno said in a statement announcing the nominations.

Rowan Williams, the head of the Church of England and the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion warned of isolation from the mainstream Anglican Communion – of which the Episcopal Church is the American branch – for dioceses that elect openly gay clergy.

Several mostly African conservative churches have broken away over the issue of gay clergy.

The Diocese of Central Florida and Dallas have both publicly rejected gay resolutions approved by the Episcopal Church. Rev. John W. Howe, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida, said that he was “deeply saddened” by the church's approval.

The three gay nominations are certain to draw fire from conservative bishops.