Out writer Russell T. Davies said in a new interview that the gay press was furious that Queer as Folk did not address the AIDS epidemic.

Davies' Queer as Folk premiered on Britain's Channel 4 in 1999. A U.S. version based on Davies' original characters premiered the following year on Showtime.

At the time, Queer as Folk was considered groundbreaking for its portrayal of the lives of gay men and lesbians.

In a The New Statesman profile, Davies, 55, recalled the backlash the show received.

“The backlash from social conservatives was predictable,” the Statesman wrote, “but few would have expected the reaction from the gay press who turned up to the launch, furious that the show did not explicitly tackle Aids.”

“That was a fuck of a press conference, that,” Davies said. “People shouting at us, 200 people packed into a room; terrible, very volatile.”

The Statesman added that Davies is tinkering with an “AIDS drama,” but revealed few details.

Davies' latest project A Very English Scandal, stars Hugh Grant as MP Jeremy Thorpe and Ben Whishaw as the lover Thorpe was tried and acquitted of conspiring to murder. Based on John Preston's book of the same name, A Very English Scandal airs next week on BBC One.