The Trump administration on Friday rolled back Obama-era rules that allowed transgender inmates to use facilities, including bathrooms and cell blocks, that match their gender identity.

BuzzFeed News reported that the Bureau of Prisons had updated their policy on the type of housing transgender inmates are assigned. Going forward, housing assignments will be made based on the “biological sex” of an inmate.

“The designation to a facility of the inmate's identified gender would be appropriate only in rare cases,” the policy now states.

The change is in response to a lawsuit filed by four evangelical Christian women serving time in a Texas prison. The women claim that sharing facilities with transgender women ”creates a situation that incessantly violates the privacy of female inmates; endangers the physical and mental health of the female Plaintiffs and others, including prison staff; [and] increases the potential for rape.”

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, said that the policy change puts transgender inmates “at significant risk of sexual abuse, assault and other types of discrimination.”

“The Obama Administration put this guidance into place after an extensive review to develop workable and reasonable procedures that would protect some of the most vulnerable people in our prison system,” HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy said in a statement. “The decision to disregard a transgender person’s gender identity is harmful and disrespectful. This unconscionable decision ignores medical expertise and defies common sense. Transgender people under the control of the Bureau of Prisons will face greater risk of violence and discrimination.”

Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), also criticized the move.

“The extreme rates of physical and sexual violence faced by transgender people in our nation’s prisons is a stain on the entire criminal justice system," said Keisling. "Instead of leaving the existing policy alone, the administration is clearly prepared to encourage federal prisons to violate federal law and advance its own inhumane agenda.”