In a recent interview to promote his latest project, out actor Russell Tovey said that he grew up in an environment where it was “completely normal to be gay.”

The 36-year-old Tovey is best known in the U.S. for playing Kevin Matheson in HBO's gay drama Looking. He currently stars as Harry Doyle on ABC's Quantico and Ray Terrill / The Ray in the CW's The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.

In The Pass, Tovey plays a closeted athlete. The film, available now digitally and on VOD, is based on John Donnelly's play of the same name.

In promoting The Pass, Tovey spoke to Queerty, which wanted know why he never struggled with his sexuality the way his character in the film does.

“I think because I have always been surrounded by people that love me and support me,” Tovey answered. “I was acting from a young age, so I was experiencing an environment where it was completely normal to be gay. So I didn’t have any shame or fear of that. I just had the uncertainty of the world I was going into. I didn’t know gay bars. I remember being younger and terrified but exhilarated about going to my first gay bar. Coming out, you know, stuff goes on, but you get through it. And I’m at a stage now where I’m completely out, I’ve got a fiancé, got best mates, got a great family, I’m able to do amazing work and it hasn’t done anything but benefit me.”

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Queerty also asked how Tovey feels “about straight actors taking on gay roles.”

“I love it,” he replied. “The best actor should be playing the part. Gay, straight or whatever, they should have the opportunity. I don’t feel any annoyance at a gay role going to a straight person as I hope a straight person wouldn’t be annoyed at a gay person playing a straight role. As long as it goes to the best actor, I don’t see the problem.”