Speaking this week at the UK House of Commons, Olympian and reality star Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she once contemplated suicide.

Jenner was invited to give Channel 4's fourth annual keynote Diversity Lecture in the House of Commons. Wednesday's address kicked off a campaign on gender in the UK.

Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, said that as TMZ closed in on revealing her gender identity, she thought about ending her life.

“For years, I had all sorts of issues with the tabloids and the paparazzi, coming up with every story you could possibly come up with,” Jenner said. “They put my head on women’s bodies, and I would have four, five paparazzi cars follow me everywhere I went, taking pictures.”

The 68-year-old Jenner said that one night she got a call about a revealing picture that TMZ was about to publish.

“I’m walking up and down the halls, and I’m thinking to myself, ‘You know what? I got a gun in the other room. Go in, use it, no more pain. Move on.' It seemed like the easy way out. Isn’t that the stupidest thing you could possibly do?”

“I thought, 'Why don't you go about this thing a little differently? Why don't you open up your voice? Why don't you tell your story? That was my low point in life. And from then on, I never thought about it again. I am a person of faith,” she added.