The New York City Police Department has arrested a serial gay basher believed to be involved in at least three attacks on gay men in the city, NY1 reported.

Police allege Driton Nicaj, 19, along with as many as five other men, violently attacked and robbed two gay men on the city's Upper East Side. Nicaj, the police say, has also admitted to being at the scene when a third man was assaulted. Police continue to search for accomplices.

Nicaj and the other men began beating and robbing gay men in May, police say.

The first attack took place on May 31 when a group of at least four men surrounded two 19-year-old gay men sitting in Carl Schurz Park at 2AM. The gang used anti-gay slurs as they “forcibly” robbed the men.

Joseph Halladay, who was vising from Boston, became the gang's second victim on June 27 at 4AM.

Halladay was robbed at gun point, beaten and called a “faggot” by four to six men outside of the apartment where he was staying as he smoked a cigarette. The attack left Halladay unconscious and bleeding in the street. A large wound to the forehead that required multiple stitches was still raw when he spoke at a July 1 press conference.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere, I was attacked by some men, they were calling me faggot,” the 36-year-old said. “They beat me hard, and unconscious, leaving me laying in a pool of blood.”

Nicaj witnessed the Halladay attack but claims he was not involved, police said.

A third attack on a 40-year-old gay man occurred the next day, June 28. Michael Doane was attacked at 3:20AM on 84th Street and Second Avenue. Doane suffered a broken nose and two skull fractures at the hands of two men who stole an iPod while using homophobic slurs, NYPD chief spokesman Paul Browne said.

Police said Nicaj, an Albanian immigrant with prior arrests in Pennsylvania for drugs and drunken driving, has confessed to beating and robbing Doane, and is expected to be arraigned Friday evening.

He has been charged with robbery and aggravated harassment, and both charges have been enhanced with hate crimes.