During an appearance on The Late Show, out actor Jim Parsons criticized people who say the coming out gay movie is no longer needed.

During the interview, Parsons said that he loved the LGBT coming-of-age movie Love Simon – which centers on a 17-year-old gay teen's coming out – but noted that some critics said it was “too late” and that audiences were done with coming out stories.

“I read a couple of articles that were essentially saying we were too late,” Parsons (Big Bang Theory) told host Stephen Colbert. “Like we were beyond this now, this tale of coming out, which this was.”

“And I thought, ‘Maybe if you’re a 30-something writer living in New York or LA it may be, like, I don’t need to see this,' obviously.”

“But I don’t know. I think there are many people in other places that, yes you do still need to see it.”

“Never mind the fact the gay romcom is too late. Tell that to When Harry Met Sally, you know, which was brilliant, but I’m saying: How many straight rom-coms do we need? When is it too late for them? Let me get sick of too many gay romcoms, thank you very much. Bring it on and we will see,” he added.

Parsons currently stars in the Broadway revival of The Boys in the Band.