In a recent television interview, singer-television personality Erika Jayne talked about what the LGBT community has done for her as an artist.

The 46-year-old Jayne is known for her 2007 dance club hit “Roller Coaster” and her appearances on the reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Dancing with the Stars. Her recent memoir Pretty Mess reached fifth on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Appearing on Larry King Now, Jayne was asked, “What has the LGBT community done for you as a performer?”

“Everything,” Jayne responded. “You know, they have bought my records, come to my shows, support the TV show, they've done everything for me.”

“Why do you connect with them so much?” host Larry King followed up.

“Because these are my family, my friends, my teachers, my mentors.”

When asked about President Donald Trump's “reaction to them,” Jayne answered: “For me, I would like to see the president be more inclusive and more open minded.”

“He said he would be very open,” King noted.

“Has he been? I know his vice president isn't,” Jayne said, to which King agreed.