In an interview with The Detroit News, out Olympian Adam Rippon said he always wanted to be a role model for young LGBT people.

Rippon, who last week boycotted a White House reception for Winter Olympians in protest of President Donald Trump's LGBT policies, was the first openly gay American to medal at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

“When I came out, I hoped that one day I would be a role model,” Rippon told the daily.

“I'm the oldest of six kids in my family, so I am sort of like an older brother – not sort of, I literally am. I really like being an older brother and I like sticking up for people, and the Olympics are an incredible platform where you can really speak up and speak your mind and have a lot of people listen.”

“When I was at the Olympics, I took full advantage of that opportunity,” he said.

Rippon, 28, added that having a role model young people can relate to can inspire confidence.

“As a young kid just hearing about somebody that might be like you or come from the same place that you came from, or you relate to on some level, can give a young kid a lot of confidence or strength that they didn't know they had by just having that little bit of a role model,” Rippon said.

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