Top-ranked squash player Todd Harrity came out gay Saturday on social media.

Harrity, ranked number 1 in the U.S. and 54 worldwide, posted the following message on Twitter.

“To everyone I know, and to all who know me,” he messaged. “I have something that I am finally ready to get off my chest. I am gay, and I’m ready to live my life as an openly gay man. I have decided to come out because I am convinced that having everyone know this about me is the only way I can truly be content. I also think it is what’s best for everyone around me, so that we can more fully understand each other.”

“To the people that I have already told, thank you. I was not ready to have everyone know this about me. I appreciate you keeping my secret, and not telling any curious people who might have asked you.”

“To the Pro Squash world. We are a diverse group of different nationalities, ethnicities, and faiths. I don’t know how this will be received by everyone. But I have been dealing with this for a long time. This is what’s necessary for me to be myself, and best enjoy the rest of my time on the circuit, and beyond.”

“Lastly, I am not famous. But if I can be a source of inspiration to any others in a similar situation, I am pleased. This has not been easy for me. It has taken me a long time to accept myself as I am. But now I have, and am ready to put all of this behind me and move on with my life,” Harrity, 27, added.

The Pro Squash Association described Harrity as the sport's first openly gay player.

“[T]he squash world is a diverse place and no matter what creed, race, sexual preference or anything else, we should all welcome and accept each other,” the group said.