British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie has come out bisexual.

The 27-year-old Anne-Marie recently released her second studio album, Speak Your Mind.

In an interview with The Line of Best Fit, Anne-Marie discussed her sexuality for the first time publicly.

“I've never ever just been attracted to men. I've never just been attracted to women,” Anne-Marie said.

“I've never felt the need to tell anyone that I'm bisexual,” she said. “I don't feel like I am. I just feel like I'm attracted to who I like. I honestly feel like everyone is like that.”

She added that she has to say something when it comes to issues she cares about.

“I will speak about anything; I have no wall and there's not a thing I'm scared to talk about. But I know that there's a limit. My opinion is just that, an opinion. So if I tweet about who I support in politics, I'm not going to convince others to support who I do. That's what I want in my head, but it's just going to piss people off. But when it comes to things like racism, sexism and homophobia -stuff that I feel really strongly about – I'm going say something,” Anne-Marie said.