Out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb has released 13 new songs in his new album The Nights We Lived.

Speaking to Celeb Mix, Lieb said that he wrote and recorded all of the songs after moving away from Los Angeles.

“I think I was so unhappy living there, that the second I left and focused on being happy again, I opened up those creative channels and cleared all the muck that had been building up. The songs just poured out of me. I wrote and produced the whole album by myself, which allowed the most authentic and pure form of me to be captured. Every single word, sound, bleep you hear comes from me,” he said.

Lieb said that the track “Fall for You” is about a rocky relationship.

“We would date, break up, be friends, and get back together,” Lieb said. “I always felt like when we were dating, we would drift apart, which is so tragic about the whole situation. When you decide to be together, you would hope that you would become closer. We don’t talk anymore but looking back at it, I would do it all again. We had such a close friendship and I really fell for him over the years. That feeling of falling for someone that you truly care about is really rare and can add so much to your life. The timing was off for us but I only look back with love.”

Lieb said that he wrote “When You Need a Friend” after learning about the suicide of a transgender teen in his hometown.

“I didn't know him personally, but he worked in the local grocery store and would always bag my groceries,” he said. “So when I found out what happened, I was really shocked and upset.”

Lieb called the album's title track, “The Nights We Lived,” his most intimate.

“It documents specific time periods in my life,” he said. “I picked this song as the title track to the album because the whole record is an accumulation of experiences that have lead to who and where I am today.”