An Ohio county is refusing to allow the county courthouse to be lit with rainbow colors during an LGBT Pride festival.

Newark, Ohio will host its first-ever LGBT Pride parade and festival in early June.

Councilmen Jeremy Blake and Sean Fennell asked for the Licking County courthouse to be lit up for the event. Licking County Commissioners refused, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

Blake called the decision “hurtful to a lot of people, especially in this day and age.”

The courthouse's recent renovation included installation of a $40,000 controller system that allows year-round lighting.

Commissioners have approved a list of holidays and occasions such as Breast Cancer Awareness week in October for use of the system.

“We're not taking requests,” Commissioner Tim Bubb said. “If we make exceptions for you, we have to make exceptions for everyone. We're not going to get into the drama of causes, which is what they have now.”

Blake and Fennell plan to pack a commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

“Hopefully, they change their minds,” Blake said. “This is just the right thing to do.”