Olly Alexander, the openly gay frontman of the British band Years & Years, talks in a new interview about how the “landscape has changed dramatically for queer artists.”

The 27-year-old Alexander told the BBC News that his group's new single “Sanctify” from their upcoming studio album Palo Santo is based on a brief relationship he had with a straight man.

“I've been out as a gay guy for nearly 10 years, and I know how that journey of coming to terms with your own identity can be really painful,” he said. “I wanted to write something that spoke to that experience.”

Alexander added that the “landscape has changed dramatically for queer artists.”

“In the past, we've all been familiar with pop stars coming out in the middle of their careers, or after they've become huge and that feels like a heavy narrative to queer people,” he said.

"Now it seems to be really changing that artists can be out from the start of their career; and it's not some sort of sensationalized headline.”

“Of course, there are people who still really struggle with being out, and I know some artists think it might damage their career – but I don't think the tabloids making a splash about sexuality would still happen. I think – I think – we can call that progress,” Alexander said.