Three men allege they were victims of a violent anti-gay attack perpetuated by the staff of a Newport Beach, California bar and restaurant.

The men have filed a lawsuit against the Balboa Inn and the hotel's Italian restaurant, Sienna Cucina Italiana. They allege assault and “gay bashing” in their lawsuit.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the men claim they were denied service, called a homophobic slur and forcefully removed from the property on April 13.

In their civil lawsuit filed Monday, Angel Bonilla, Colton Moyer and Clement Serafin said that the incident escalated out of control when the restaurant's bartender demanded to see their identification cards, one of which she claimed was fake. “[S]he wanted to create a rouse for refusing to serve them when her real motive was to not serve gay men,” the lawsuit states.

The bartender became enraged when the men protested and asked to speak to the manager. She screamed at them to “get out” and called them a gay slur.

Cell phone video shows an unnamed man physically tossing Bonilla out of the restaurant and onto the pavement outside. The man also yanked a bar stool from under Moyer and shoved him out the door of the bar, according to the lawsuit.

“What did we do?” Bonilla told ABC 7. “Why does she have so much hate towards either me being gay, towards us being gay, towards me being Latin? I don't know.”

In a statement, the restaurant said that it does not “condone discrimination against anyone” and claimed to have hosted same-sex weddings.

Police are looking for the man who physically threw the men out of the restaurant. Some outlets referred to the assailant as a security guard, while others said that he was a customer.