In a recent interview with The Times, British diver Tom Daley said that he identifies as queer.

The 23-year-old Daley came out bisexual in a 2013 YouTube video.

He and husband Dustin Lance Black, 43, are expecting their first child in June. Daley has said the baby is a boy.

“The word a lot of people are using now is queer, instead of labeling yourself as lesbian, gay or transsexual,” Daley said. “Queer is, like, a better word, it doesn't define you, it's questioning.”

“People say, 'You like boys,' but I've liked girls too. My generation shouldn't feel the need to be labeled; we are too obsessed by gender.”

“I am not 100 percent straight, I'm not 100 percent gay, I'm just queer. My generation, I think, are more fluid,” he added.