In a new interview with Wonderland, out singer Adam Lambert is asked whether he's ever experienced any homophobia in the music industry.

The 36-year-old Lambert publicly came out gay after his appearance on American Idol.

Lambert told Wonderland that he's been out since he was 18 and that the issue of his sexuality simply didn't come up while on American Idol.

“I have been gay and out of the closet – very loudly so – since I was 18, and I wasn't in the closet on the show or around anyone,” he said. “It wasn’t until the show was wrapping up that I realized everyone wanted me to come out, but I was already out! I’ve always been out. It was just never talked about because it had no baring of what I was doing on stage. It’s not like it was a big surprise with my outfits or my looks or my song choices, you know?”

When asked whether he's ever experienced homophobia in the music industry, Lambert, the first out artist to have a number one album on the Billboard chart, gave a diplomatic answer, saying that executives were wading into uncharted territory.

“I think there definitely was more of an element in the business [back in 2009] but I didn’t find that the people I was dealing with were actually homophobic but I definitely think they were a little bit worried about ‘how are we going to sell this artist to the masses?’ I’ve met a lot of amazing people but they’re concerned with ‘is there an audience here and will an audience by comfortable with this?’ and I think there was a lot of trying and a lot of effort because at the time there weren’t any other gay pop artists on mainstream radio. It wasn’t something anybody had any blueprint for so it was definitely interesting. There were probably a couple of cases where I may have done things that affected commercial viability but I was doing them for personal reasons or because I wanted to prove a point and I still stand by everything I did.”

“A lot of things were taboo [back then] and got some backlash,” he said, adding that, “it doesn't even seem like it's a big thing anymore.”

Lambert also said that his fans “have been waiting long enough, and so have I” for new music.