Out artist Jake Shears has said in a new interview that he would not have come out in high school if he knew about the danger he put himself in.

The 39-year-old Shears, who is best known as the lead male singer for the pop band Scissor Sisters, told Time Out London that coming out at 16 left him vulnerable to homophobic abuse.

“I wouldn't have come out at school when I did If I'd known the kind of danger it was going to put me in,” Shears said.

“That's what I would have changed. I couldn't go back into the closet. I'd have waited if I would have known,” he added.

Shears said that he understands why his parents were scared about their son being open about his sexuality.

“Yeah,” he said. “To their credit, there were arguments and I knew there would be. But they had reason to be upset. They were really scared and they were scared for me.”

Late last year, Shears released Creep City, his first song as a solo artist.