The LGBT community in Trinidad and Tobago has reported an increase in homophobic attacks following last week's ruling striking down sections of the country's penal code that criminalized consensual same-sex activity.

LGBT rights activists in the country cheered the ruling but said that hey expect the government will appeal the decision.

According to the Washington Blade, activists who attended a rally outside the high court have become targets of homophobic attacks.

Cherisse Lauren Berkeley, 26, said she was assaulted outside the high court and was forced to flee her home after her address was made public. She also said that she's received threats online by people angered by the ruling.

Luke Sinnette, an executive member of Friends for Life, an LGBT support group, said that eight people have been evicted from their homes and two were asked to leave by their families.

He said that the ruling appears to have triggered the evictions.

“Not one of these cases would have been people who were hiding their sexuality,” Sinnette said. “People are acting on a facade to be seen as moral.”

A final decision on how to deal with the laws is expected in July, The Guardian reported.