A British man claims painkillers turned him gay.

Appearing on Britain's This Morning, Scott Purdy, 23, said that he was straight and attracted to his girlfriend before he started taking painkillers.

Purdy was prescribed Lyrica (Pregabalin) for pain after a go-karting accident. He said he decided to stop taking the medication because he began feeling attractions toward men.

“All I craved was male attention so I thought it was a bit weird and stopped taking it just in case,” Purdy said on the program. “As soon as that happened my sexual attraction towards my ex-girlfriend went back up and I was more intimate and cuddly and it was normal again. But the pain started building back up and so I started taking Pregabalin again.”

Purdy said that he's since broken up with his girlfriend and is happy.

An openly gay doctor, Dr. Ranj Singh, also appeared on the show. He explained that the medication didn't change Purdy's sexuality. Instead, he said, the painkillers calmed his nerves, allowing Purdy to be his “true self.”

“These feelings were probably always there, and sexuality is complex,” Singh said. “It's not black and white. Different people experience it differently, and some people are fluid.”

“I've been on Pregabalin myself. I'm sorry to say it didn't make me any gayer,” he added.