Queer Eye's grooming guy Jonathan Van Ness says he was constantly verbally abused growing up.

In February, Netflix premiered its “reimagined” Queer Eye featuring five openly gay stylists.

In a The New York Times Magazine interview, Van Ness said that he was prepared for the show to be a flop.

“When you've been on Instagram and Twitter long enough, you know how mean people can be,” he said. “I was prepared for the worst.”

He added that he came out in the sixth grade and was “extremely flamboyant as a child.”

“I literally cannot [hide my sexuality],” he said. “Like, if you picture me at 13, imagine big curly hair, imagine buck teeth, imagine me at 5-foot-4; I could not stop talking about, like Miss Alabama, who had won the Miss America pageant. I could not pass [for straight] if you held a gun to my head. I can't do it.”

“I don't think it's overdramatic to say that I was verbally abused, like, very constantly on an hour-to-hour basis, especially in school,” Van Ness added. “That's partially where I got my sense of humor from, because I really had to learn how to be resourceful to keep a smile on my face and to keep myself entertained.”