An openly gay high school teacher in Kansas has been forced out of his job.

According to the Topeka Capital-Journal, Michael Hill, a visual arts teacher who came out to his school on October 11, 2017, National Coming Out Day, decided to quit his job and move out of state after facing months of homophobic abuse.

“Queers will burn and so will you,” states one threatening letter Hill received. “Don't think my friends and I ain't still after you. We don't want fags in our school.”

In other notes, Hill is called a “fag” and told he should “watch his back.”

“Homosexuals should not be teaching our kids, in fact I don't believe they should be teaching our kids at all they are perverts and predators,” reads another letter Hill received. “The religious views of my family do not support this lifestyle … You should not be allowed to push some gay agenda on our kids.”

The Capital-Journal reported that Hill's car tire was punctured with a screwdriver and he found “faggot” written in the dust on his car. He reported the incidents to police, who said they were unable to track down the culprit.

Hill said that he became afraid to leave his apartment at night and took seven weeks of unpaid leave.

“It was very frustrating,” Hill told the paper, “that my option was to pack up and move.”

Tom Witt, executive director of Equality Kansas, lamented that Hill was forced to leave his job and the state.

“[It's] absolutely horrifying that professionals in Kansas are still being harassed and threatened, and run out of their jobs and run out of town, because of their sexual orientation.”