LGBT activists in the District of Columbia will hold a candlelit “Vigil Against Hate” on Thursday night in response to an attack over the weekend on two gay men.

The attack occurred early Sunday morning in the city's U Street entertainment district, near the intersection of 10th and U Streets, N.W. Police are looking for three men they say shouted anti-gay slurs as they attacked the men. Both men were treated at Howard University Hospital. The attack left one man unconscious and the other with a broken nose and a chipped tooth.

A passerby recorded footage of the attack on a cell phone and posted it to social media.

Jerry Blackmon is leading in organizing the vigil.

“Two of our own were viciously attacked in full view of cameras, witnesses and [a] passerby who felt posting to Twitter was more important than stopping an assault that left one of them lying in U Street unconscious, and the other bloodied nearby with a busted nose,” Blackmon said in a Facebook posting.

Blackmon said that the vigil is “a visible expression of solidarity with the two members of our community who were viciously attacked.”

“It is 2018,” he added. “We will not stand for this. We have had enough.”

The “Vigil Against Hate” will be held in Stead Park near Dupont Circle on Thursday, April 19 at 8:30 P.M.